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HER Haircare Rituals

HER Haircare Rituals was launched on QVC on 2 May 2013 as a four-piece Volumising Discovery set, including the incredible Trecento Treatment, clinically shown to rebuild and repair hair in one 300-second use. The volumising kit quickly sold out, breaking QVC records for haircare. On 28 November 2013, HER featured as QVC UK's Today's Special Value. John launched HER on QVC Germany on 2 December 2013.

New products were added to the range and launched on QVC UK on 7 January 2014.

You can order HER haircare rituals online at or by telephone on 0800 50 40 30.

You can also order HER Haircare Rituals online from QVC UK.

John recently visited the Originitalia Laboratories in Vicenza, Italy, where HER Haircare and HIM products are developed. You can see a video of John's visit at:

HER on QVC...

2 May 2013, 4.00pm: Beauty Fix
2 May 2013, 8.00pm: Everyday Beauty
4 May 2013, 1.00pm: Confessions of a Beauty Addict
4 May 2013, 2.00pm: QVC Selection
7 May 2013, 3.00pm: Everyday Beauty
7 May 2013, 10.00pm: Fabulous at 40 and beyond
13 July 2013, 4.00pm: VIP Celebrity Showcase
13 July 2013, 9.00pm: Saturday Night Beauty with Alison
14 July 2013, 1.00am: Beauty Showcase with Alison
7 September 2013, 9.00am: Be Beautiful
7 September 2013, 2.00pm: Be Beautiful
7 November 2013, 9.00am: The Morning Show
28 November 2013, 24-hour Today's Special Value (TSV)
2 December 2013: Beauty Night, QVC Germany
7 January 2014: 9.00am The Morning Show - New HER Haircare products
7 January 2014: 8.00pm Hour-long feature introducing new products
8 January 2014: 1.00am Beauty Showcase - HER volumising kit
9 January 2014: 9.00am The Morning Show - HER volumising kit
9 January 2014: 4.00pm Alison Young's Beauty Fix - HER volumising kit
23 January 2014: 4.00pm Everyday Beauty - HER Haircare volumising kit
26 January 2014: 12.00noon Hour-long show featuring new HER Haircare products
5 March 2014: 10.00pm Hour-long show featuring HER Haircare Rituals
10 May 2014: 4.00pm Hour-long show featuring HER Haircare Rituals
10 May 2014: 9.00pm Hour-long show featuring HER Haircare Rituals
2 July 2014: 1.00am Beauty Showcase
2 July 2014: 1.00pm Everyday Beauty
2 July 2014: 3.00pm Summer Beauty

UK viewers can tune in to QVC via Freeview channel 16, Sky channel 640, Virgin TV Channel 740 or Freesat Channel 800. You can also watch online internationally via their website.