by Ian Flaherty

I came across Ian?s cufflinks in a fairly unusual way.

I was doing an interview on Capital Radio and I had forgotten to put my normal cufflinks in. The radio presenter at the time put out a request on air to see if he could get me any. As luck would have it one of Ian?s friends was listening and arranged to have some sent in. Within an hour I had the most beautiful, hand made cufflinks and since then they are the only ones I wear. Ian has been making cufflinks for over 20 years and the level of workmanship is exceptional. In fact I love the cufflinks so much I've picked my favourite ones that Ian has made for me and they are available to buy here.

Crystal cube
Crystal love
Multicolour crystal cube
One Big Crystal
PCL525 Tonal Aquamarine
PCL525 Tonal Sapphire
PCL535 Multicoloured
PCL540 Tonal Jet
Tonal Sapphire