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i Evening Standard (London) August 12, 1993, Thursday



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THE BBC and ITV launched a head-to-head battle for child viewers today.

As ITV presented its £16 million children's autumn package, the BBC hit back by announcing its new Saturday morning show.

Weekends have become the battleground for children's television and ITV is warning that the viewing war is set to intensify.

Dawn Airey, new children's and daytime programmes controller at the ITV Network Centre, said: 'The battle lines are being drawn up. The BBC has two channels which give considerable flexibility. They have emerged as formidable competitors on Sunday mornings with the repeats of the best of Children's BBC on BBC2.'

The commercial channel is hoping the departure of BBC star Phillip Schofield from Going Live! will pave the way for the ITV Saturday morning show What's Up Doc? to dominate the ratings.

What's Up Doc? is already a hit and the wolves, Bro and Bro, are getting their own show, Wolf It!

But the BBC unveiled its new weapon today: a Saturday morning show called Alive And Kicking, to be presented by TV favourites Andi Peters and Emma Forbes, plus West End theatre starJohn Barrowman.

The show follows in the Saturday morning tradition set by Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, Saturday Superstore and Going Live! and gives a TV debut to John Barrowman, who starred in Miss Saigon, Matador and Anything Goes in the West End.