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Professional enquiries

Gavin Barker Associates Limited

2d Wimpole Street

Telephone: 020 7499 4777

Fanmail, autographs
panto shout-outs
and other requests

John is currently unable to accept requests for autographs, signed photos and personal messages (including video and audio messages).

He really appreciates the amazing support of his fans and while he'd love to be able to do these, he doesn't have enough time to satisfy all of the requests. If he did one, to be fair, he would have to do them all and that isn't possible.

This also applies to requests for shout-outs during panto. With so many people asking for shout-outs, the show would over-run considerably to accommodate them all, so the panto cast aren't able to accept these requests.

Any emails sent to John are saved for him to read. He loves hearing from his fans but he cannot send personal replies due to the amount of messages he receives. The web team will reply on John's behalf so you know that your message has been received, and we'll answer any queries if possible.

You can send messages to:


Many of you have given John gifts over the years, and although he appreciates your thoughtfulness, he's running out of space to keep them! Rather than buying him a gift, he would ask you to support one of his chosen charities.

All donations, large or small, will help these wonderful organisations.